Winter is here! Heat the human, not the home.

Our range of pure wool hand-knitted jumpers will keep you toasty and warm this winter. With the correct care, they will last a lifetime.
The perfect smart investment.

The Curious Yak

The Curious Yak has a straightforward goal: To work alongside families and artisans to create luxury, hand-crafted, bespoke products (including scarves, blankets, wraps and ponchos) whilst supporting those makers and craftspeople through sustainability & fair pay.

Over the last decade, the small team have built close relationships with some of the worlds most talented craftspeople using traditional methods. This intimate, hands-on approach, means they are able to regularly visit, handpick and source stunning and rare products that are not available to the masses.

Knowing who and where our products come from is crucial to us. Thousands of items are bought every day with little to no knowledge of the environment in which they are made, or who made them. The Curious Yak is different. Slow and considered fashion, is the right fashion.

Our Journal

We love what we do.

We don't overly believe in luck. Of course, there are indeed things that are lucky. Winning the lottery, finding money in the pocket of an old jacket, bird poo on the head; This I will never understand, why?!
However, being "lucky" in a world where starting a business sees the odds stacked against you, seems to take away from the sweat and tears that are involved in nurturing something you love and care about, knowing the odds are not in your favour.
Our business, like many others, was built out of sheer determination, hard work and the firm belief that we can. We started a blog to explore some of the exciting ideas, concerns and tips that go hand in hand with running a small business.