The Curious Yak works alongside families and artisans designing luxury items with one simple goal: To provide gorgeous, well-made products from around the world made by people less fortunate than ourselves.

 Started in early 2010 when two sisters Rebekah & Emma, broke away from the normal adrenalin junkies in search of Everest’s summit, they embarked on an inspiring journey through Himalayan villages and never looked back.
After meeting a local man Rebekah, who has always had an appreciation of hand crafted items since a young age (sneaking her own handmade items into her mothers shop at the age of nine) sparked a friendship over the mutual love of yarns, natural dyes and ancient weaving machines, The Curious Yak was born.
Over ten years on we are lucky enough to work with some of the Worlds most talented craftspeople, which continues to expand year after year.
The close nature in which the team have chosen to work means they are able to source stunning and rare products that are not available to the masses. Often visiting weaving studios that have existed in the family home for generations and sharing tea with both new friends and old.
Through hard work and determination our small family business has grown beyond all expectations.

Makers working conditions:

All of our workers are looked after to the highest standard & paid fairly. We make a lot of effort each and every year to visit them check conditions, discuss new items, and make sure everyone is happy.

We do not put profit above happiness.

This goes for everyone. The people in the office, managers and makers. Working within a family environment is if the highest importance.

The secret to our success:  Because of the visits and our “hands on” approach we are introduced to more and more amazingly skilled crafts people each year. We are willing to hike, bike and trek to source outstanding items to provide an income for another family and a smile to our customers.

We thank all of our loyal customers and stores for your support

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