Below is a list of questions that we have previously been asked. If you have a question that is not on the list below, please feel free to get in contact. 



I just ordered online, how long will my order take to arrive?

We ship all items within 2/3 working days. Once your online purchase has shipped, you will receive your tracking code via email to track the location of your shipment. This is sent to the email address provided by you at the time of checkout. If you do not provide a email we cannot send you a tracking code.



My order is a gift, can I have it gift-wrapped and personalised note included?

All items ordered on our online store include free gift-wrapping as standard. If you would like a note enclosed in your gift, please add it to "Notes" when you reach the checkout. If you have any problems or you forget to include this pop us an email with your request.



Do you accept returns?

Yes, of course. If for whatever reason you would like to refund or exchange your purchase bought on our online store, please email or call us here first, so we know to expect a return package:


Telephone: 0044 1702 302472


Please note: We are only able to deal with items bought via this online store. For items bought in stores, please contact the store where the item was purchased. We are unable to return worn items.


Refunds take 7-10 working days to credit back to the original payment source. This timeline is set by the bank, not by us.



I just ordered a scarf from your online scarf store; can I track my order?

Yes, all orders are fully trackable. Once your items have shipped, you will receive the tracking code via the email address you have given us at time of checkout.



There is a section on the order page for a telephone number, do you need that?

This is if there is a problem with your order or for the delivery driver to contact you. We do not sell customer details to 3rd parties. 


Someone stole my favourite scarf! I bought it two years ago and would like another, do you have one?

Scarf theft does seem to be on the rise! If you would like to replace your favourite scarf but cannot see it on the website, please send us an email with a photograph. We do have a section in our studio with older designs, and we might be able to help you out :o)



What happens to the payment receipt after I place an order?

Once you have ordered and paid via our online scarf store, receipts are automatically emailed. As a high number of items purchased are gifts, we do not include them in in packages. 



My order has not arrived, what do I do?

Please use the postal tracking code that was emailed to you when the item was sent. If the code does not work, or you think there is a problem please get in contact with us:



I bought an item from you at an event and I cannot see it on your website, I would like another:

Lucky you! Sometimes we do take one-off, small runs and sample items to events. It entirely depends on what you purchased as to if the item is still in stock. Please email or call us for assistance.



Do you wholesale?

Yes, if you are interested in stocking our items please get in contact. 



I am looking for a rare or hard to find item, can you help?

We work very closely with some incredibly talented artisans. If you are looking for a rare or bespoke item, then please get in contact. Please be aware we are a small team, but we will always try and help.



Do you offer "white label" goods?

Yes, if this is something you would like to discuss, please get in contact:



Help! My favourite cashmere scarf has holes in it? What happened, and what can I do?

Moths… They love to eat precious fabrics and adore the taste of yak wool, cashmere and sheep wool. The best thing to do now is pop the item in a bag and keep in the freezer; This is the only way to kill the larvae. After 3 or 4 days the item can now be washed. Spraying with a moth repellent before storing for the summer will help this in the future.



I need to buy a gift, I know the person likes your items, but I have no idea what to buy, I need help!

Yes, of course, we get this question quite a lot and are always here to help you find the perfect gift. As this is easier via telephone, please contact us here:

01702 302472



I have seen a lot of photos on your website; are these influencers?

No! All the images on our website are our genuine customers. We have been going for over ten years and have built up a loving customer base. None of the photos on our website are paid for advertising. Just real people all being kept warm with our scarves!



I love your scarves and would like to send a photo for your website.

Please do! We have so many wonderful customers! Receiving photographs always make us smile. Email your photo to us here:



Do you use environmentally friendly packaging?

Well, this question is a "tad" embarrassing. Some years ago, we made an error when ordering our packaging. Rather than binning the surplus stock, we are working our way through it, and, once this finished, we have biodegradable packaging designed.



Where do you ship?

Worldwide. We have international shipments leave our warehouse a few times a week. We provide tracking details and customs forms.



Do you sell customer information?

We do not and have never sold customer information to third parties.This includes email addresses & telephone numbers. They will only ever be used by us to update you on your order, or to conact you if there is a issue regarding your purchase.