15 Facts About Yaks

15 Facts About Yaks

Little is known in the western world about this fantastic creature. Let's look at some facts about the yak. From Chinese operatic fake beards to bathtime at -40. Click here for Yak facts.




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Yak Wool pure yak online scarf store what is yak wool?

What is Yak Wool?

What exactly is a yak? Where does a yak live? What is so special about yak fibres?

Over the past ten years, we have been asked many questions about yaks and the amazing wool.  We have a look into the properties of yak wool, why it's so special and why cashmere lovers should be adding this to their wardrobe this winter.



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Pue yak wool man weaving yak wool fabrics in nepal

"Allergies": Manmade vs natural fibre fabrics

Cashmere, yak wool, acrylic, there is a considerable amount of fibres readily available, but which is best? We take a little glimpse into the natural vs the humanmade world of fabric.


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Textile Industry in Nepal - The Curious Yak - Online Scarf Store

Textile Industry in Nepal

One man we have known for over a decade has been walking the Himalayas for over 65 years. He collects cashmere and yak wool that has hooked on brambles as the animal’s head higher up the mountains. A marvelous way to enjoy nature, whilst holding off the boredom of retirement!

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