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It is safe to say that Summer 2020 is well and truly behind us now. The temperatures have dropped, and the shops are stocked full of Christmas gift selections, hoping when the 2nd lockdown finish’s in the UK on the 2nd December, the shoppers will return in their masses. 

The weather predictions are starting to warn of snow, flooding and loom of continued plummeting temperatures. Gas bills slowly creep up as we crank up the central heating in our efforts to keep warm. However, there are other ways you can stay warm this winter so that you can still enjoy the crisp, chilly mornings and festive outdoor activities. Here are some of our suggestions.


Do Enjoy Hot Comfort Foods

Is there anything better than a good stew or casserole when it is cold outside? The season of hot soups, creamy porridge and mug after mug of delicious tea. Not only do these keep you warm most are slow-release and complex carbohydrates that can help you sustain your energy levels throughout the day.


Don’t Give in to the Mulled Wine!

It smells so good, and the warm aroma is incredibly tempting, but drinking alcohol in the cold does nothing to help heal your body. Initially, it seems to warm the entire body; however, this is short-lived. As the warmed alcohol travels through your blood vessels, it forced them to expand and has the negative effect of actually taking heat away from the places where it is needed the most.


Keep Moving

Whether you can pluck up the courage to run outside, or you simply just spend a few hours pottering around the house, moving around will help to raise your body temperature so you will be less prone to feeling the cold. If you do take a break, make sure to put your feet up, as it is always colder near the floor.


Layer Up

Wearing several lightweight clothes is a great way to retain heat when out and about. The more layers you have, the more air will be trapped between them, working to insulate your body. Our range of scarves, wraps, and wool jumpers are warm, cosy and extremely versatile, helping you to look good while maintaining the perfect temperature. Layering the perfect scarf over your pure wool jumper will have you keeping warm even in the coldest temperatures. Natural fibres like our pure yak wool scarves matched with pure wool knitted jumper make an excellent combination for ultimate warmth. 

Make sure always to have a few blankets to hand when chilling on the sofa. A large blanket, when styled well using a belt or scarf pin looks great over your winter jacket.


Yak blanket scarf blanket scarf online scarf store new yorl
Our Minerals Blanket worn in New York as a large scarf.

Do Something Good

Okay, so this is a slightly less practical tip, but we know from experience that do-gooding can leave you with a warm feeling in your heart. Shop small and support your local business. Amazon grows stronger by the day, and small business cannot compete with its power, your local high street will become an empty graveyard of stores without your help. 

The joy of chatting to your local shopkeepers, grabbing that Sunday coffee and perusing independent boutiques is something amazon cannot achieve. The small independent, fair-trade shops, knitters, and makers who can tell you exactly where and who made your item need your support this winter. 


We work directly with small family businesses all over the world, ensuring they are paid a fair wage and have a working environment we would be happy in. Your purchase helps us to help them. With these tips and a beautiful, hand-woven yaks’ scarf or a wool blanket, there is no reason why you shouldn’t stay warm and toasty all winter long.  

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